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Our motto: “Put yourself in your customer’s shoes”

MEET Yoko Garg

Yoko was born in Kanazawa, Japan. Prior to moving to the UK in 2002, Yoko had worked in Japan as a study abroad consultant and helped students to “relocate” to other countries. Yoko’s passion for work has always been Customer Service and has worked in the world-class concierge company for 14 years as a Concierge Manager until she got redundant in 2016. Yoko is responsible for looking after all the operational matters at Parker Jones with her great team. 

Language I speak: English, Japanese, Finnish

Passion/Hobby: Playing the piano with her daughter, Creating designs on Canva, Painting and Travelling

Happiest memory in business: “Can’t choose one occasion amongst many, but I really feel fulfilled when hearing/seeing our customer very happy with our service.” 

Worst memory in business: Had to go to a HMO property to throw someone’s pants which were left in the communal area….

Favourite quote/word: ご縁 (“special bond” in Japanese), “Your smile is your logo, your personality is your business card, how you leave others feeling after an experience with you becomes your trademark.”

Did you know….?:  She has found a new passion during the lockdown and spending 30 minutes every morning HERE creating something.