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MEET Sukhi Wahiwala

Sukhi Wahiwala, a British born Sikh, is known to openly share from stage his values as a proud father of 4, husband, son & brother to his siblings

As a renowned personality in his home town, he was schooled in business by his parents, humbly becoming a millionaire by 21, a multi-millionaire by 25 and financially free by 27. As a successful down to earth entrepreneur, his qualities and exceptional interpersonal skills and drive enabled him to build an established business empire.

With over 30 years Experience in Property, an extensive property portfolio, the commissioning of developments, including Hotels, Lettings, Residential Homes and Property Training. along with his other diverse businesses; internet online e-tailing business, retail outlets, importing, manufacturing and retirement homes, make up just a few of Sukhi’s multiple businesses & experiences; all of which he has transformed into stunningly Successful Business Ventures by rapidly establishing himself as one of the Top achievers in his chosen sectors. Earning a reputation as “The Man with the Midas Touch & Vision,

As an AWARD WINNING Mentor, he has a uniquely magnetic personality that naturally gives individuals belief to step out of the “daily grind and brain fuzz” into fun, balanced and exciting lives.
He was also blessed to have shared his journey on the prestigious “Ted” platform, plus has been honoured at the British Indian Awards as “Entrepreneur of the Year 2018”. He also works with Cambridge, Brunel and University of East London Universities

As an International Speaker, Forbes 30 under 30 Judge in 2017/2018, a Princes Trust recognition, KPMG and British Chamber of Commerce alliances, Sukhi feels privileged to share his knowledge as the “GoTo Business Mentor for Growing Businesses” on television, radio, educational interviews and keynote stages. Honouring him with inspiring testimonials and results from his clients.

Since 2006 following a near death experience he has made it his life long mission to transform the lives and business worlds of many.

Sukhi has focussed on making himself available to others and with his warm approachable demeanour, he brings his inner circle of clients one of the most compelling skill sets, track histories plus knowledge and experience of over 27 different industry sectors; combining these with 7 generations of family wisdom, psychology, science and integrity. He has masterminded and authored his own unique methodology called “The SynaGus Method” creates clear, simple step by step strategies, to grow businesses and emotional intelligence, to reshape the bottom line profit & stability of thousands of Companies and Individual lives around the world.

He has also earned the reputation of being a tenacious trouble-shooter. Gemma Daniel of www.LIFEUKfinancial.com Ltd said of Sukhi “Hiring Sukhi is like bringing a guided missile into your business; he has an unbelievable knack of being bang on target, identifying a problem, locking onto it, then eliminating it with his amazing Knowledge!” Whilst his no nonsense approach to business isn’t for the faint hearted, his suggested shake-ups and restructuring has rescued numerous companies that have experienced a down turn, and got them back on track.

For a further insight please visit: www.sukhiwahiwala.com